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    Magnesia GmbH at CPhI 2017 in Frankfurt

    We will be exhibiting at the CPhI in Frankfurt from

                          24. - 26. October 2017.

    We look forward to meet you at our stand No. D102D40.

    Please click on the banner for free registration (until 15.10.2017).

    Aktion Mensch

    For decades, the Aktion Mensch has been supporting social projects
    for people with disabilities. They are supporting child and youth projects
    as well.

    We are happy to support this important commitment by the purchase of
    lots of the Aktion Mensch: for the WE to win.
    VFE17_Magnesia GmbH_250.jpg

    Vitafoods 9 - 11 May 2017

    This year we are exhibiting at the Vitafoods Europe
    from 9. - 11. May 2017 at Geneva.

    Please visit us at our booth F57.

    A free registration is available by using the registration code
    WBMAGNESIA. We look forward to your visit.

    Customer satisfaction

    Our customer survey,conducted by the QSE department at the end of 2016, showed a customer satisfaction of 89.6%. We are pleased that the result achieved in 2015 could be further improved. The aim of the annual survey is to continuously improve quality and service. The results of the customer survey help us to further optimize our processes. Also in 2017, we want to be your partner and reliable supplier of mineral products. We would like to thank all companies for their active participation.

    Magnesia expands product portfolio by adding mineral yeasts from Cypress Systems, Inc.

    Beginning June 1st 2016, Magnesia and Cypress Systems, Inc. from California (USA) have agreed on a cooperation and distribution for selected products within the European market.

    With Cypress Systems, Inc. Magnesia GmbH has gained a professional and innovative partner for supplying a broad variety of mineral yeasts. Brand names  SelenoExcell® and NutraFeast® stand for high quality selenium yeast and other organically bound and enriched yeasts such as chromium, molybdenum, manganese and zinc, as well as purified RNA.

    This partnership allows Magnesia to approach many current and new markets with a completely new product range, offering customers unique options for organically-bound and, thus, highly bioavailable minerals.

    For enquiries and further information, please contact our Business Development, Mr. Christian Nega.
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    Vitafoods 2016

    We will be exhibiting at

    Vitafoods Europe from  10. - 12. May 2016
    Palexpo | Genf | Schweiz.

    Please visit us at stand L91.

    Please register for free with reg. code: wbmagnesia

    Magnesia GmbH receives GDP certificate for distribution of active substances (APIs)

    In addition to the already issued registration certificate for import and distribution of active substances as starting materials for the production of medicinal products for human use, we finally received an official GDP certificate of the competent authority (Staatliches Gewerbeaufsichtsamt Lüneburg). Thus, the compliance of Magnesia GmbH with the principles of good distribution practice for active substances referred to in article 47 of Directive 2001/83/EC was confirmed. This Directive obliges distributors of active substances to comply with required defined regulations, in order to maintain the quality and the integrity of active ingredients.
    In the past few months, our team of management, quality unit and sales intensively dealt with the requirements of Good Distribution Practice and firmly anchored the principles in our quality system. In addition to our certification according to ISO and HACCP, this is a further step to provide our national and international customers the highest product quality and safety.
    We are very pleased about the successful certification and would like to thank all colleagues involved for the excellent work they have done. 
    ISO 9001-2008_2015.jpg

    Successful ISO and HACCP certification

    At the beginning of 2016, Magnesia GmbH with its headquarters at Lüneburg and the branch office at Müllheim was successfully audited acc. to DIN ISO 9001 and HACCP. We are pleased that, again, our high quality standard and product safety and the concern for highest customer satisfaction were confirmed. We take this as an incentive to further continue to optimize our processes.

    Here you can download the currrent certificates ISO and HACCP.

    MagChel® - Chelated Minerals

    We offer a new product range:

                  MagChel® - Chelated Minerals

    We offer you a wide selection of amino acid chelates from our stock.

    Our core range of chelates includes:

    Magnesium bisglycinate, appr. 12 %

    Calcium bisglycinate, appr. 19 % Ca

    Iron bisglycinate, appr. 14 % Fe

    Zinc bisglycinate, appr. 30 % Zn

    MagChel®Mg +20
    Magnesium glycinate, appr. 20 % Mg

    These highly bio-available complexes are characterized by their good tolerability and the versatile application possibilities 
    in the food and food supplement industry. Further chemical raw materials upon request.

    For further information and samples please feel free to contact us.
    Banner FIE 150 x 150.gif

    Food Ingredients Europe 2015

                  We will be exhibiting at

            Food Ingredients Europe 2015

      in Paris from 1. - 3. December 2015 and
      look forward to meet you at our stand 7G59.
    Ehrung Anna Brand _ 2015.jpg

    Best student of the year: Miss Anna Brand

    After three years of dual studies at the Berufsakademie Lüneburg,
    Miss Anna Brand graduated as best student of the year and finished
    her Business Management degree.

    Congratulations for this outstanding performance!

    MagGran®CCplus - extension of our product portfolio

    Our product portfolio of granulates was extended. We now can offer our customers coming from the food, food additives and food supplements industry an optimized product range of granulated calcium carbonates with additives (MagGran®CCplus) directly from our warehouse in Lüneburg. A fast and efficient just-in-time delivery to your production is guaranteed.

    All granulates are characterized by constant mass flow, good compressibility and low dusting generation during the production process.
    The four granulates that we are keeping constantly in stock for prompt delivery are:

     Maggran®CCplus, Magnesia 84410
    Calcium carbonate DC gran. (EP, USP, E 170) with maltodextrin (about 5%)

     Maggran®CCplus, Magnesia 84411
    Calcium carbonate DC gran. (EP, USP, E 170), with corn starch (about 10%)

    Maggran®CCplus, Magnesia 84412
    Calcium carbonate DC gran. (EP, USP, E 170) with PVP (about 3%)

    Maggran®CCplus, Magnesia 84413
    Calcium carbonate DC gran. (EP, USP, E 170) with gum arabic (about 5%)

    On request, we will send you detailed specifications and samples.

    Technical Magnesia -Expansion of our product portfolio

    The Magnesia GmbH has restructured its activities in the field of technical raw materials. Since June of this year, there is a new department with Technical Magnesia in our company. The team led by Mr. Christian Block and Miss Kerstin Fedders is your competent partner for all questions concerning our technical qualities. Products for plastics, PVC, rubber, paints and lacquers, glass and cement and many more are part of the expanded product portfolio.

    We are pleased to welcome Mr. Christian Block as competent  colleague in our team, who has years of experience in international trading business. We are sure, that he will contribute successfully with his global market knowledge to the development of this business.

    Kerstin Fedders has been part of the Magnesia team for many years. From her long-term activities in our domestic sales department she brings in the experience and knowledge about our product range. We are pleased that she has accepted this new challenge.

    We wish our colleagues from the department of Technical Magnesia a good start and a lot of joy in their new sphere of activity.

    Enlargement of our team

    We are pleased to have won with Mr. Udo Marschall and Mr. Robert Maseli two new colleagues for our sales team.

    Mr. Marshall will direct our division for food additives as senior sales manager. Mr. Marshall can look back on many years of experience in this area and we are pleased that we have a highly experienced colleague in our team.

    Also new in our company, we welcome Mr. Robert Maseli , who will optimally complement our export department as Area Sales Manager with his commitment and his many years of experience in international trade.

    We wish our new colleagues a good start and look forward to a pleasant and successful cooperation.
    VFE15 EX banner 250_regmagnesia_quadr.jpg

    Vitafoods 5. - 7. May 2015

    We will be attending the 
    Vitafoods Europe from May 5 - 7  2015  as exhibitor.
    The show takes place at Palexpo | Geneva | Switzerland. 
    Please visit us at stand N78.
    Please register for free with reg. code: regmagnesia

    New Products: zinc citrate and zinc sulphate

    We enlarged our product portfolio for the pharmaceutical, food and nutraceutical industry by two further raw materials. We now hold  zinc citrate 3-Hydrate, food grade, and zinc sulphate, 7-Hydrate, USP, FCC constantly in stock, so that we can supply you with the required quantities just-in-time. For further information please contact our sales department.

    New Managing Director at Magnesia

    In the thirtieth year of existence, the Magnesia GmbH is expanding its management :
    Since 1 November 2013 Mr. Markus Cording is appointed new Managing Director. As CEO Udo Schenk and Michael Mett are still working together with him in the management. Mr. Cording also joins with immediate effect the management of the parent company , Magnesia AG at Münchenstein in Switzerland.
    Markus Cording worked from 2008 at Magnesia GmbH , first as export manager , then as a general sales manager and proxy holder , and is therefore very familiar with the company. He draws largely responsible for the successful expansion of international business contacts.

    Among  his objectives as Managing Director of Magnesia GmbH is  to continue the successful course of expansion and to build up an even more intense partnership connection with customers and business partners. The company is very pleased to welcome Mr. Cording as a managing director and wishes him all the best in his new position. (112013)

    Certificate for performance in education

    In a ceremony  in september 2013 Magnesia GmbH was honored for special education services in the year 2012/2013 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) Lüneburg-Wolfsburg. At the event, under the theme "Mission Possible!", our apprentice, Johann Studtmann was honored for his excellent performance with a certificate as best graduate of the year in "wholesale and foreign trade" education. We are proud of the good performances of our trainees and take this as an incentive to continue to support and to train engaged young people. 092013

    New Product: Salona™

    For the food sector, we have extended our product range to include a new raw material: Salona™

    Salona™ is a 100% natural product that is extracted from the Dead Sea. It consists of a hydrated potassium magnesium chloride and a small amount of sodium chloride, which is also crystallized in the crystallization. Salona™ enables our customers to reach the dietary, but also full taste requirements.

    Salt (sodium chloride) plays an important role in food production. It is used because of its flavouring but also preserving properties. Changing lifestyles and eating habits have led to the fact that salt intake exceeded the WHO (World Health Organization) recommended intake. Possible consequences of increased salt intake are high blood pressure and associated cardiovascular disease. Therefore it is necessary to offer solutions that enable the development of salt-reduced foods.

    Special advantages of Salona™:
    - Meets the requirements of European food law.
    - It is a food of its own kind and thus has no E-number.
    - It is under EU Regulation (EC) 258/97 not classified as "novel food".
    - It can be used for the reduction of up to 50% NaCl.
    - It can completely replace potassium chloride.

      Responsible use of nature. A natural way to sodium reduction.

      For further inquiries, please contact our product manager, Mr. Christian Nega.


    banner (2).gif

    Visit us at CPhI 2013 in Frankfurt

    Again, we will be present on the CPhI in Frankfurt from October 22nd to 24th 
    and we will be pleased to welcome you at our stand 61F40 in hall 6.1.

    New product: tri calcium citrate, USP, FCC, E 333

    For the pharmaceutical, food and nutrition sector we have extended our product range by a further complementary raw material: Since may of this year we  hold tri-calcium citrate, 4 hydrate, USP, FCC, E 333, our article number 7231, contantly in stock to guarantee a fast and reliable delivery. Besides the standard grain size we offer Magnesia 7231 as granules or micronized powder.
    For further inquiries please contact our product manager, Mr. Christian Nega.
    LBA bekannter Versender.jpg

    Magnesia now "known consignor"

    We are pleased about the successful certification as „known consignor“. This allows us a quick and cost-saving process of your airfreight shipments in order to guarantee a „just-in-time delivery“ in future, too.

    For information:
    On 29/04/2010, Commission Regulation (EU) No 300/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 2008 entered into force. There are consequently new predefined framework conditions, how companies have to handle their cargo in civil aviation. Generally, air freight may only be loaded and flown with a status of “safe” (SPX or SCO) in defined aircrafts. There are two possibilities for manufacturers who want to send  their products by air freight, to reach this security status:

    “Unsafe” air freight is made “safe” by means of control by regulated agent or air carrier in accordance with legal requirements. The manner of security control is defined by the regulated agent or the air carrier according to the physical properties of the air freight that has to be controlled  and the legal requirements. The time and effort spent will be charged.

    2. Approval as „known consignor“:
    The second possibility for manufacturers to send airfreight „safe‘ ist the official authorisation as „known consignor“.
    The „known consignor“ secures on his own responsibility, that the identifiable air freight/ airmail is adequately protected on his site or at his premises against unauthorized access and tampering. Thus, the  identified air freight of the “known consignor” must not be subjected to any safety controls again, but can be passed over “safe”  to any company that has the status as a regulated agent immediately. This saves time and effort and thus costs.(13.05.2013)

    (source: LBA)

    Customer satisfaction at a high level

    Our recent customer survey confirmed that we belong to the preferred suppliers, suppliers with so called A-status, in over 80 % of our customers. We are very pleased about it ! At the same time it is a challenge to work on ourselves even more in the future.
    We could also reduce the number of complaints in the last year. The percentage of complaints compared to the total number of orders is well below 1%. This means that the objective for 2012, complaint rate <1%, could be reached successfully.

    It is the declared aim of our quality policy to deliver products of high and constant quality, safe and accurately in time to our customers. It is also our target to become a preferred supplier to our customers of national and international markets. A wide variety of products at fair prices, approved quality, service and customer focus and our sustainable action acc. to ISO and HACCP will help us to reach this aim.

    In this way we want to thank you very much for your trust. You can be assured that we will continue to work hard to even improve the result. We again focus this year on a vivid and partnership-based communication with you.

    Do you have any questions or requests? Please contact us - together we will find the optimal solution.

    Zinc oxide

    We enlarged our product portfolio. To provide new synergies for our active Magnesium oxides, we included Zinc oxide into our product range. We offer four different qualities of zinc oxide and now can cover most of the commonly used applications. Additionally, we offer  the possibility of an individual product adaption to your requirements. Please contact Mr. Christian Nega, Product & Business Development Manager, for further information.

    AEO – Authorized Economic Operator

    It turns more and more important to invest into customs partnership programs which make a fast and smooth international commerce possible. Europe-wide it gives more than 5000 companies till now which are recognized as AEO –most of them in Germany. Since 2011, Magnesia GmbH belongs to the companies to which AEO F was assigned to in the EU.

    Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status is granted by Member States to economic operators. AEO status can be granted to any economic operator established in the EU that meets the following common criteria stipulated in customs law.