A smooth, delicate skin, a radiant look of dense eyelashes and a healthy complexion – who wouldn't want that? In our portfolio we offer a new ingredient for you, to render your formulations into true beauty highlights: Acacia.

Today, acacia is gaining importance in natural cosmetics due to its wide range of applications. Its properties as a film forming agent are almost incomparable and therefore make it a perfect ingredient in nourishing masks, creams and emulsions. In mascara and eyeliner, acacia provides expressive eyes.

Acacia by MAGNESIA is an odourless white powder of low viscosity. The naturally occurring acacia raw material is harvested from sustainable cultivation and meets the Clean Label objectives. The gentle processing preserves the valuable ingredients and is CO2-neutral.

In mascara and eyeliner, acacia provides expressive eyes. Thanks to the acacia, mascara adheres better to the eyelashes while maintaining elasticity.

In masks and creams, acacia acts as a film former: It forms a protective film on the skin and thus ensures a pleasant and relaxed skin feeling.

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