With our natural product Kaolin (MAGNESIA 7756902), we are further expanding our portfolio of natural ingredients for cosmetic products. Kaolin, also called porcelain clay due to its white color, is a raw material obtained from nature and can be used in many ways in natural cosmetics.

Kaolin is a natural color pigment (CI 77004), that is successfully used in decorative cosmetics such as powder, blush, lipstick and eye shadow. Due to its fat-binding properties, it is the raw material of choice for powder. It has a mattifying effect and takes away the undesired oily shine of the skin.

Kaolin is a mineral clay that gently cleanses sensitive skin. In care cosmetics, the fat-binding and abrasive properties of kaolin are mainly used for masks and creams for impure skin. The raw material is of slightly granular structure. As a result, it has an abrasive effect, which ensures a gentle removal of dead skin cells and impurities in peelings. Another plus for kaolin: Due to the very fine grain size, kaolin is also suitable for sensitive and impure skin and can also improve the appearance of the skin.

In creams, kaolin is used as a swelling agent, and thus ensures that the creams with a lighter consistency can be better distributed on the skin.

Kaolin – Product details:

• INCI name: Kaolin, CI 77004
• Function: abrasive, moisturizing, skin care
• Natural index acc. to ISO 16128: 1, natural ingredient
• Preservative free

Recommended use:

  • Dry and sensitive skin formulations
  • Make-up (powder, eye shadow, lip stick)
  • Peeling & Masks
  • Toothpaste

A little knowledge by the way: The name comes from the Chinese town "Gao-Ling", the oldest known site of this clay. Because of its white color, it was called porcelain clay. MAGNESIA's Cosmetics team works with selected partners who supply you with this valuable white pigment at the highest quality level.

Be convinced of the positive effect of kaolin for a pure and healthy skin and use the power of nature in your formulations.

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