Sea salt is one of the many treasures that nature has given us. Because sea salt is rich in minerals and trace elements. It is anti-inflammatory and helps effectively and gently to eliminate impurities.

From now on, we have added a sea salt to our portfolio that perfectly complements our range of naturally and sustainably derived cosmetic raw materials: Maris Sal, a natural sea salt from the Atlantic Ocean and delivered from the salt city Lueneburg.

Maris Sal – chemical characterization:

• INCI name: Maris Sal
• Function: abrasive, humectant, skin conditioning
• Typical particle size: 90% < 150 µm
• Natural index acc. to ISO 16128 is 1, natural ingredient
• Free from preservatives
• Contains concentrated amounts of sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium and manganese.

Recommended use:

  • Volume & shine shampoo
  • Dry and sensitive skin formulations
  • Peeling
  • Toothpaste

Maris Sal sea salt is naturally rich in magnesium, sodium and other minerals found in seawater. It is a well-known remedy with anti-bacterial effect. Due to the variety of nutrients and minerals, it can contribute to better blood circulation and regeneration of the skin. At the same time, it provides better hydration and gently nourishes the skin.

Used in shampoos, it provides volume and shine and nourishes the sensitive scalp. In toothpastes, the minerals contained can strengthen the tooth substance and nourish the gums and protect them from inflammation.

Maris Sal is obtained by hand, naturally with the help of solar radiation. It remains natural and free of preservatives.

The demand of conscious consumers for natural and sustainable products is increasing. This makes Maris Sal a natural and versatile raw material for the cosmetics industry, which gently but effectively supports skin care.

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