Jogging in the park, hard work in the gym, a long walk with the dog,that is what we all are enjoying even if it makes us sweat. And even a day of hard work can be exhausting and sometimes we need assistance to stay fresh and to feel good.

As a versatile raw material in cosmetic formulations we highly recommend Magnesium hydroxide. It is a well-known mineral and many pharmaceutical companies have been using it successfully as active pharmaceutical ingredient for years.

But Magnesium hydroxide is also found as important ingredient in many cosmetic formulations such as make-up, powder, oral care, hydrating creams and deodorants.

Especially for deodorant applications this mineral has interesting properties. It is an absorbent, gelling and buffering agent. Its high pH value allows inhibition of bacterial growth and thus acts to avoid malodour without blocking pores. In the last years, Magnesium hydroxide has become more and more popular as an alternative for aluminium salts in antiperspirant formulations for deodorants

Magnesium hydroxide - chemical characterizations:

  • Classification according to COSMOS is “mineral origin”
  • Natural index according to ISO 16128 is 1
  • INCI name: magnesium hydroxide

Product samples for trials and statements according to EU 1223/2009, animal testing and nano material are available upon request.

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MAGNESIA has been supplying companies worldwide for decades with minerals for cosmetic production successfully. Benefit from our expertise and the high-quality minerals we offer. Our Cosmetics-team will be pleased to advise you on any question regarding Magnesium hydroxide and its use in cosmetic formulations.


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