For the well-known mineral raw material zinc oxide, we have qualified another supplier - especially with regard to its use in natural cosmetics.

Magnesia 78092 is obtained from zinc powder of European origin. The production site is Germany. The production is carried out by the so-called 'French manufacturing process' using zinc steam and atmospheric oxygen. The zinc oxide obtained meets the requirements for a nature-identical raw material according to NATRUE. It can be used as a colorant according to INCI declaration CI77947.

The manufacturer is COSMOS, EU-GMP Part II and FDA certified.

Properties of zinc oxide:


Natural Origin Index acc. to ISO 16128: 1.0 (derived mineral ingredient)

Spec. Surface (BET) acc. to DIN 66132 3.0 - 5.0 m2/g

Kosher Halal

Applications in leave-on products or tooth paste are (e.g.):

• Bulking
• Colorant
• UV-filter

Other qualities for use as pharmaceutical excipients, UV- filters or with higher BET are available.

We keep the raw material available for you at our warehouse in Lüneburg and can thus assure you of short-term delivery.

The MAGNESIA Cosmetics-team focuses on sustainable raw materials for natural and organic cosmetics. It is our concern to improve consumer welfare and preserve natural resources.

Please contact us and learn more about zinc oxide and its use in natural cosmetic formulations.

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