We bring quality to the point! Our surface treated mineral raw materials offer individual solutions for your food production.  The functional surfaces, created by coating with fats offer a wide range of applications. Whether for frozen products, dairy products, in meat and fish products or vegetarian and vegan food: Our coated products can be used in all areas of the food industry and help to achieve a perfect result.

Coated minerals bring a number of attractive advantages for your production processes. In addition to many improvements  such as pourability, masking of odor or taste or dust reduction, probably the most important argument in favor of coated raw materials is the targeted control of their release. Based on the individual composition of the coating, it is possible to determine when this starts at a selected point in time within the production process, e.g. under the influence of heat.

Advantages of coating:

  • Better controlled release of active ingredients (retarded delivery)
  • Avoidance of undesirable chemical reactions in substance mixtures
  • Masking of undesirable taste and odor of base materials
  • Improved flowability
  • Avoidance of dust formation in the production process
  • Improved free-flowing and targeted dosing capability of substances
  • Protection of products against moisture and oxidation
  • Improved storage stability

We offer a range of coated minerals. Coating materials are mostly hard fats with different melting points and mono- and diglycerides of edible fatty acids (E471). The base and coating materials can be recombined and reweighted so that we can offer individually tailored solutions. You determine when and where the mineral is released.

Coated products and their applications:

Malic acid 7030 P Bakery, Confectionery
Citric acid 7030 P Bakery, Dairy products (e.g. ice cream)
Sorbic acid 7030 P Bakery
Citric acid 9010 P Bakery, Confectionery
Malic acid 9010 P Bakery, Confectionery
Calcium lactate 5-hydrate 6040 P/MDG Sausage processing

Our coated acids optimize the taste and structure of your confectionery & bakery products. Your product always reaches the desired quality and keeps it over time. This is especially important for sour sweets or baked goods with effect and decoration. The coated acid dissolves in the dough only under the influence of heat and delays the lowering of the pH value in the dough. The properties of flour or gluten are not affected and a clean dough processing is always guaranteed.

With the support of coated food additives, you bring the product quality to the point! The coated malic acid intensifies the effect of your artificial raising agents (e.g. sodium hydrogen carbonate) and preservatives (e.g. sorbic acid or calcium propionate). Once it has dissolved with a delay during baking, it has a supporting effect during baking and the storage period.  

And the coated citric acid is simply indispensable as a freshness-"booster" on salty snacks!

The advantage of coated sorbic acid is that its effect as a preservative is only released during baking and is evenly distributed in the finished product. It does not inhibit or inactivate natural ripening processes by microorganisms. Other advantages: The natural leavening agents, essential yeasts and enzymes, do not suffer stress from immediate acidification or excessive reduction of pH value due to the delayed release.   

With calcium lactate, Magnesia 7227, we offer a coated raw material that is successfully used in meat processing industry. It is mainly used as an acidity regulator. Calcium lactate is derived from lactic acid and is approved as food additive E327 for all foods that may contain additives. Unlike lactic acid, calcium lactate has little or no effect against microorganisms. The ripening process is not inhibited. More information can be found in our specification:

We will be happy to advise you on our coated qualities and explain how the perfect effect can be implemented in your production process.

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