We are pleased to have added a real record holder to our portfolio of MagSpheres fillers for you: the MagSpheres A series, also known as Aerogel. Aerogel holds over 14 records in the Guinness Book of Records. And it is precisely these top performances that make it the filler with outstanding and incomparably innovative applications.

To come straight to the point: Unlike all other products in our MagSpheres portfolio, the Aerogels do not consist of hollow microspheres. They are a solid developed by nanotechnology. Due to their special structure, Aerogels are characterized by a unique range of applications.


  • Reducing density of a material while maintaining its stability
  • Massive reduction in weight of the end product (lightest insulating material)
  • Improved insulation capacity
  • High temperature resistance
  • High pressure stability
  • Enables processing in various forms (plaster, boards, etc.)


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Aerogels are the optimal filler when high thermal insulation must be achieved with a low material volume. In old buildings, where energy efficiency must be optimized by insulation measures in order to meet the increasing requirements, aerogeles are the right building refurbishment. They provide optimum insulating properties, even at low material thicknesses. Their thermal conductivity e. g. is significantly lower than that of conventional perlite. Due to their high temperature resistance, Aerogels are ideally suited for fire protection applications to meet the stringent requirements.

Aerogel is also successfully applied in automotive and aerospace industry because of its low weight. Temperature resistance, pressure stability and, above all, a massive reduction in weight are characterizing the record holder.

MagSpheres A-series are available in various particle sizes and densities prompt ex our works. In our portfolio, we offer hydrophilic and hydrophobic qualities, completely tailored to your application needs. They are able to optimize physical properties such as weight and temperature resistance.



MagSpheres A-Series A-500/20 A-300/70 A-500/20H A-200/70H
Chemistry SiO2 SiO2 SiO2 SiO2
Polarity hydrophilic hydrophilic hydrophobic hydrophobic
Tapped density [kg/dm3] 0,05-0,10 0,08-0,11 0,12-0,16 ~0,16
Specific surface area BET [m2/g] 130-700 >300 250-300 >200
Particle size [µm] 1-20 1-70 1-20 1-70
Pore size [nm] 1-50 ~7 ~5 ~5
Thermal conductivity [W/(m*K)] 0,025-0,030 0,026-0,030 0,025-0,030 0,026-0,030

MagSpheres Sales Director Thomas Luckow explains on the new product in the MAGNESIA portfolio: "We are pleased that we can now also offer our business partners the Aerogels as lightweight fillers. With the Aerogels of MagSpheres A-series, the ideas of an end product, which in some points could not be optimally represented with previous fillers, can be realized now.“

The experts of our Lightweight Fillers-team will be happy to advise you. Find out how you can optimize your products by using absolutely innovating aerogels.

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