Our solution for the shortage of binders

Sometimes, external circumstances require a rethinking and lead us to break new ground The current shortage on the binder market is such a situation It was caused by the environmental catastrophe in the South of the USA beginning 2021, when dozens of production facilities for binders had been destroyed. As a result, epoxy and acrylic resin are currently only available with difficulty and at a significant price increase.

Nevertheless, to remain competitive and in a position to produce and supply your products we offer with MagSpheres G-series an alternative that significantly reduces the demand of binding agents in your formulations and thus gives you production security and considerably lower your production costs.

Potential cost reduction for binding agents with the use of MagSpheres

The micro-hollow spheres based on borosilicate glass offer an important advantage in price when comparing the volumes. Use MagSpheres G-series in your formulations as required and reduce the amount of binding agents. In this way you can significantly save costs (see diagram). And even more: By using smaller quantities of binding agents, you have a longer production reliability.

MagSpheres act neutrally in the formulations and have therefore no negative influence on the finished product. At the same time, they improve processability and optimize physical properties such as weight and temperature resistance. They can be used in a large variety of technical applications such as construction chemistry, polymer industry, paints and laquers and many more.

Even in the long term this adaption is really worthwhile. MagSpheres withstand the cost comparison under normal economic circumstances. Here, too, it is a fact that with every cubic centimeter binding agent that is replaced by MagSpheres you will lower costs significantly. Get in contact with our Lightweight Fillers-Team.

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