MAGNESIA Lightweight Fillers MagSpheres are the perfect upgrade for numerous technical formulations, giving desired positive characteristics to the final product, such as lightness, stability, heat protection and many more.

Do you want to learn more about what these functional fillers can do for your production? Perfect! Then take part in our joint virtual workshop with our Lightweight Fillers-Team.

Our experts will advise you how MagSpheres Lightweight Fillers optimize your products and make production processes more efficient. Find out what is key characteristic for your industry. What is important for the right kind of filler? Which quality from the extensive portfolio can optimize your products? In a personal discussion, we will answer your questions and will introduce only raw materials and their characteristics that perfectly fit for your purposes. The MAGNESIA Lightweight Fillers team advises you personally and individually.

We will send you a sample case with samples of all qualities free of charge 2-3 days before the workshop, so you can experience the MagSpheres Lightweight Fillers with all your senses. You can see, feel, smell and, if you like, even taste the products.

In order to be prepared for the workshop and daily office work, you will also receive a small MAGNESIA-goodie-pack together with the sample case. We will pick up the case 3 days after the workshop again. You don't have to do anything.

How can I register for the workshop? It’s quite simple!

  • Chose your contact person.
  • Make an appointment for the workshop.
  • Experience the samples, that will reach you 2 days before the workshop.
  • At the appointment we’ll meet in the workshop by video-call.

Order your sample case from the Lightweight Fillers-Team:

Thomas Luckow

Sales Director
Lightweight Fillers

+49 4131 8710-78

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Helge Wonner

Sales Manager
Lightweight Fillers

+49 4131 8710-66

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Lukas Goebel

Sales Assistant
Lightweight Fillers

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