MagSpheres® A-Series aerogel is a material with almost unlimited innovative possibilities. Thanks to its optimizing properties, aerogel is already playing a leading role in numerous areas: Density, temperature resistance and insulation are only 3 of many advantages. Aerogel is the material of the future!

We have made it our mission to research this incredible potential! And indeed, the aerogel success story continues, as we were able to achieve something completely new as part of the research work: Together with our partner Stockmeier Chemie GmbH & Co. KG, we have managed to incorporate the hydrophobic aerogel even in greater amounts into water-based systems.

This has opened up a new field of application that offers a wide range of completely new possibilities. Whether in paints, lacquers, coatings or fireproof applications: Wherever water is present in the product, you can benefit from the positive properties of the hydrophobic aerogel. And it gets even better: The distribution of the aerogel in the product can now be controlled in a targeted manner. Do you want a homogeneous mixture of product and aerogel? No problem! Contact us and together we will find a solution for your formulations. Everything is possible and can be individually adapted to your formulation and your needs.

In October 2022 we will offer the third "Aerogel" workshop. Here, we will draw on the results of our research and explain what needs to be considered when incorporating aerogels into existing formulations. We will present what works really well with aerogel and what should be avoided from the outset.

Realize your vision of a perfect end product with MagSpheres® A-Series aerogels.


Please note the following dates for the next Aerogel workshops:

October: Thursday, 13.10.2022

November: Thursday, 17.11.2022

Get to know all the advantages of the MagSpheres® A series. Try them out on your materials and develop your own formulations optimized by aerogels together with the experts on site. Join in - make a big leap in your development work. 

For more information on MagSpheres® A-Series aerogels and videos we made at the last workshop, please visit our website.

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