Ceramic Hollow Microspheres as Lightweight Filler

The Olympics and top sporting performances have been THE topic of the past few weeks. Have you been cheering along? We now, invite you to the MAGNESIA award ceremony for our MagSpheres C series from the Lightweight Fillers division. But right from the start: They are simply all winners – each in their own way.

MagSpheres C-Series standard type: These cenospheres are our all-rounder. They can be used almost everywhere and offer a very good price-performance ratio. They can withstand temperatures of up to 1,400 °C. In construction chemistry, they are successfully used in screeds, tiles, ceramics, fillers as well as acoustic plasters, but also in abrasives and in polymers. The cenospheres make the applications lighter and more flowable.

Available variants:

  C100 C125 C150 C300 C-SG
Topcut 100 µm 125 µm 150 µm 300 µm 500 µm
Median ~ 90 µm ~ 63 µm ~ 120 µm ~ 210 µm ~ 180 µm
Overgrain max. 1 % max. 2 % max. 10 % max. 10 % max. 2 %
Sinker max. 25 % max. 12 % max. 10 % max. 7 % max. 5 %

MagSpheres C-Series grey type*: This variant of our hollow microspheres is definitely an asset in your products and applications. They are stable and effective, but prefer to stay in the background. They are thus used in construction applications, such as in cement and tile adhesives, where they bring top performance. Furthermore, they provide the product with greater stability, make it more break-resistant and more resistant to thermal influences. The handling of your raw material is also simplified by the use of cenospheres, because it shows significantly better flow behavior with a homogeneous structure.

Available variants:

  C150G C300G C500G
Topcut 150 µm 300 µm 500 µm
Median 90 µm 190 µm 290 µm
Overgrain max. 10 % max. 10 % max. 5 %
Sinker max. 12 % max. 7 % max. 5 %

MagSpheres C-Series white type: The champion among the ceramic lightweight fillers has really earned the first place. The light color alone makes this type stand out. This makes it possible to use it for the highest demands and ideal optical properties. The MagSpheres C of the white series withstand the highest pressure and temperatures of up to 1,600 °C. That is a record! This means that they have already successfully qualified as risers for the foundry and steel industry.

Available variants:

  C150W C300W C500W
Topcut 150 µm 300 µm 500 µm
Median 120 µm 210 µm 340 µm
Overgrain max. 10 % max. 10 % max. 5 %
Sinker max. 10 % max. 7 % max. 5 %

The benefits:

  • Versatile application
  • Optimized production flow due to better flow behavior
  • Fewer disruptions in the value chain due to improved processability
  • Increase in refractoriness as well as fracture strength
  • Cost optimization through material savings
  • Iron-aluminum-silicate base

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