They are a gift of nature, the perlite grades of MAGNESIA, better known as MagSpheres P-series. The volcanic glass-based mineral granulates offer a variety of applications due to their properties and special structure.

It is the cell-closed surface structure of this series that makes the difference. The MagSpheres P-series absorb significantly less water than alternative perlite types. They have proven themselves perfect for construction chemistry. Furthermore, they are used as optimizer in insulating materials and acoustic and thermal insulation because their multicellular structure means natural isolation.

They also have a much lower fire load compared with styrofoam, because the raw material, obtained from volcanic glass, is naturally heat-resistant.


  • Closed-cell structure leads to lower moisture absorption
  • High heat resistance / improved flame retardancy
  • Perfect acoustic insulation
  • High thermal insulation
  • Reduction of density with remaining stability
  • Optimization of processing properties

The mineral expanded granulates of the P-series are available in different particle sizes and densities prompt ex works. They can play an important role in the development of new products or the optimization of existing products. We will assist you to determine the optimal grain size for your application.

MagSpheres P-series – products and properties:

Type: Particle Size d90 in μm Bulk density (g/l)
MagSpheres P80/500 80 520 - 390
MagSpheres P130/300 130 340 - 260
MagSpheres P160/400 160 450 - 350
MagSpheres P230/450 230 520 - 390
MagSpheres P270/300 270 340 - 260
MagSpheres P375/200 375 230 - 175
MagSpheres P400/320 225 360 - 280
MagSpheres P400/400 500 450 - 350
MagSpheres P500/220 480 260 - 180
MagSpheres P500/250 700 290 - 210
MagSpheres P1700/100 1700 110 - 90

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