Sales cooperation STOCKMEIER Group and MAGNESIA GmbH

MAGNESIA GmbH and the STOCKMEIER Group have concluded a sales cooperation in the field of our lightweight fillers. We are very pleased about the cooperation through which we can offer our customers further advantages.

„STOCKMEIER and its subsidiary BASSERMANN minerals have a great expertise and a very good sales structure in the fields of refractory, casting and paints & varnishes, which provides customers with the best possible support.“

comments Markus Cording, Managing Director of MAGNESIA, on the partnership.

MAGNESIA's "LIGHTWEIGHT FILLERS" are micro hollow spheres and products with densities around or below 1.0 g/cm3. Our portfolio includes classic ceramic micro hollow speres, so-called cenospheres, glass micro hollow spheres, perlite-based spheres, natural bloated products and artificially produced glass-based expanded granules.

These high-quality fillers, which we offer under the brand name "MagSpheres", are used in high-temperature applications. Especially the use in so-called risers or other components, such as e. g. casting moulds and cores, are one of the main areas of application for our micro hollow spheres.
The STOCKMEIER Group and its subsidiary BASSERMANN minerals are the specialist in this area of sales. The existing customer network in these industries can be specifically supplied with the MAGNESIA product. Synergies are created that enable growth potential for both partners.

Dirk Seidel, Managing Director of Specialty Chemicals STOCKMEIER Chemie GmbH & Co. KG and BASSERMANN minerals, says:

„We are very pleased about the strategic cooperation with MAGNESIA GmbH in the field of lightweight fillers. This complements our extensive product portfolio and enables us to offer new solutions to our customers.“

If you have any questions about the lightweight fillers or need further information, please contact MAGNESIA or STOCKMEIER Chemie.

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