For more and more people, a healthy and balanced diet means an important, active contribution to health and enjoyment of life. This also includes strengthening the immune system. To counteract a lack of vitamins and minerals, many consumers take advantage of dietary supplements, especially at the beginning of fall and winter.

Probably one of the best known dietary supplements is vitamin C. In food, vitamin C is found mainly in fruits and vegetables. Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons or even various types of cabbage contain a lot of vitamin C. Organic ascorbic acid is a colorless and odorless, easily water-soluble crystalline solid with an acidic taste. Its salts are called ascorbates. Due to its biological activity, L-(+)-ascorbic acid used in preparations for food supplements. L-(+)-ascorbic acid and also its derivatives, having the same effect, are called vitamin C.

But it is not always possible to cover the need for nutrients and vitamins through food alone. Food supplements therefore remain a useful complement for the supply of essential building blocks.

Vitamin C contributes to a healthy diet and has an important positive influence on a variety of bodily functions.

Among others, it contributes to:

  • a normal function of the immune system
  • a normal collagen formation for a normal function of the blood vessels
  • a normal collagen formation for a normal function of bones
  • a normal collagen formation for a normal function of skin
  • a normal energy metabolism
  • a normal function of the nervous system
  • reduce fatigue and tiredness

All applicable health claims for vitamin C can be found in Commission Regulation 432/2012.

From our portfolio, we offer a range of different raw materials as vitamin C enrichment for use in dietary supplements:


These raw materials are the salts of L-(+)-ascorbic acid, which are identical in their effect and perfectly adapted for use in food supplements.

The raw materials can be declared as vitamin in the supplementation. And they offer another advantage: They additionally enrich your products with the minerals calcium respectively magnesium.

They are organic mineral salts with high bioavailability. Due to their lower acidity, magnesium and calcium ascorbate are more gentle and better tolerated by people with sensitive stomach.

All information on the health claims for magnesium and calcium can be found here.


For making even better food supplements to strengthen the immune system, we would like to introduce to you Nutra-C® (Magnesia 7806500) – the innovative upgrade with unique and outstanding features!

Nutra-C® is characterized by:

  • High bioavailabilty and improved retention
  • Acid free & gentle to the stomach
  • Approx. 8 % additional fully chelated calcium
  • Approx. 1 % additoinal fully chelated magnesium

Nutra-C®, a special form of acid-free vitamin C, is pH neutral. It contains vitamin C metabolites that facilitate the transport of vitamin C molecules between cells. It is also an efficient source of chelated calcium and magnesium. At the same time, Nutra-C® is 100% bioavailable from the moment of intake.

You will find the information about all the benefits of Nutra C® together with the corresponding specification in our e-paper Nutra-C®.

Do you have questions about Nutra-C® or our ascorbates? Get in contact with our Nutritional & Health Supplements team. We will be happy to advise you on the different qualities and the benefits they offer for your formulations. Benefit, just in time for the cold season, from the high-quality compounds in your products.

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