Not only the active substance is decisive, it also depends on the excipient

In order to give pharmaceutical preparations decisive positive properties, also the excipients are of great importance besides the active ingredient. They have an influence on the final product and act as fillers, emulsifiers, preservatives, binders, coating and much more.

The mineral calcium has many positive effects on the organism. Among other things, it affects the excitability of muscle cells, is an important building block for bones and teeth and can contribute to the prevention of osteoporosis.

In pharmaceutical formulations the important mineral is indispensable in the form of synthetic calcium carbonate (PCC=precipitated calcium carbonate). As an inert filler, calcium carbonate is hardly soluble even in pure water. Due to its bright white color, it is a perfect pigment supplier and therefore an attractive substitute for titanium dioxide.

Do you use calcium carbonate in your production?
Are the following terms part of your daily work routine?

  • Manufacture of solid forms, such as tablets and dragees
  • Coating of tablets
  • TiO2-replacement
  • Stabilizer or dye
  • Excipient in solid forms
  • Filler with high whiteness

Then we should talk about calcium carbonate.

With our grades MAGNESIA 4421 and MAGNESIA 4461, we offer two precipitated calcium carbonates in EP quality that perfectly match for use in pharmaceutical formulations.

Do you want to know how calcium carbonate, as an efficient pharmaceutical excipient, offers real added value in your formulations? Then contact our Pharmaceuticals-team. We are happy to advise you. On request, we will send you a corresponding sample.

Would you like to find out more information in advance? Then have a look into the specifications here.

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