Medicinal products contain active ingredients and excipients. Although excipients are no pharmacologically active substances they are of high importance for the effect and the production process of medicinal products.

In the manufacturing process of medicinal products excipients perform various important functions. They improve processability of raw material mixtures, support the production process itself and optimise the properties of the final product as e.g. stability or breaking strength.

For pharmaceutical application, we offer Magnesia 4371, a talc (magnesium silicate) as inert excipient. Magnesia 4371 is a natural and hydrous mineral. It complies with EP, USP and E 553 b. Magnesia 4371 is of constant high quality and guaranteed free of asbestos. This is ensured and documented by batch-related laboratory controls. Furthermore, it is characterised by its very low content of heavy metals which are also tested on a batch-basis.

Talc optimises tablet production as

  • flow agent
  • lubricant
  • basis for pharmaceutical powder
  • excipient in antacids

We offer the raw material directly from our warehouse in Lüneburg and thus can assure you of short-term deliveries.

Magnesia 4371 Talc (natural magnesium silicate) is characterised by the following properties:

  • corresponds to common pharmacopoeias EP and USP
  • extensive documentation available for use as excipient
  • very low heavy metal content, incl. batch-related control according to ICH-Q3D
  • garanteed asbestos-free product-quality, ensured by batch-related laboraty control in an accredited laboratory in Germany

Your advantage:

  • Comprehensive support for regulatory issues and increasing quality requirements for excipients
  • Constantly high and documented product quality
  • Reliable availability and delivery security due to stocking in our own warehouse

You want to know, how talc can optimise your existing formulations and improve new product developments? Please contact us. We are happy to assist.

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