Achieve an efficient enrichment of active ingredients bearing optimised absorption and faster effectiveness in the organism by using highly soluble mineral salts.

Pharmaceutical products do contain a large number of active pharmaceutical ingredients as soluble mineral salts. This is because there are some important differences between an active ingredient and its corresponding salt in terms of their properties. Often the salts of an active ingredient are more water-soluble than the active ingredient itself. Mineral salts are therefore ideal for peroral use. Due to the improved solubility, the active ingredient is released more easily in the digestive tract, is better absorbed and can thus act more quickly.

To avoid a “first pass effect”, active substances as mineral salts are the first choice in formulations for parenteral use. They are used in injections and infusions and are available to the body as quickly as possible and can thus fully develop their positive effect.

MAGNESIA offers a range of soluble mineral salts approved for use as active ingredients in pharmaceutical preparations. All raw materials are supplied with full documentation. They are API qualified and meet regulatory requirements such as CEP (Certificate of Suitability) and ASMF (Active Substance Masterfile).

We should talk together about soluble mineral salts when the following terms are important in your production:

  • minerals as active substances (API grade)
  • peroral medicinal products
  • parenteral medicinal products
  • high solubility
  • optimal availability in the organism
  • avoiding the first-pass-effect

From our portfolio you can choose a variety of soluble minerals:

MAGNESIA not only offers high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients and additives, but also a comprehensive and profound service that is highly appreciated by our customers. This includes effective quality management, document management and the necessary certification and audits of suppliers and products. The API qualities are stored in our own warehouse in Lueneburg in accordance with GDP.

And by the way: Of course, the soluble mineral salts are also suitable for use as excipients in creams and lotions.

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