Magnesium oxide is the metal oxide of magnesium. The pharmacopoeia distinguishes between light and heavy magnesium oxide. The powder is practically insoluble in water, but dissolves in dilute acids. It is taken for the treatment of heartburn, acid regurgitation, indigestion, constipation and for the prevention and treatment of magnesium deficiency.

Are you looking for a Magnesium source in a prescription medication or other pharmaceutical use? Do you need a raw material as active product ingredient or excipient? Benefit from MAGNESIA’s long-term experience and knowledge. We offer a wide range of Magnesium oxides in powder or granular form.

Our oxides are originating from natural sources, e.g. sea water or magnesium ore. Reliable sources are the Dead Sea, but also manufacturers in Europe and Asia. Due to our long-term partnerships with our producing partners we can offer API qualified products from audited producers that perfectly fit to your needs.

In pharmaceutical preparations magnesium oxide is used as API or excipient, e.g.:

  • as antacids for the for the treatment of heartburn
  • for the treatment of digestive disorders
  • as a laxative for constipation
  • for prevention and treatment of magnesium deficiency
  • as excipient in tablet production

All offered magnesium oxides conform with EP and USP. The full documentation for registration purpose of API qualities, of course, is available. Our portfolio includes a large variety of light and heavy grades with particle sizes from 80-90 g/l to 850-1,050 g/l.

As a global expert for mineral compounds we offer the benefits of an integrated consulting team. So we can assist you right from the beginning in the development of new products. Just get in contact with us and together we will identify the perfect product and help you start your production smoothly.

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Thomas Raab and the Pharma team supports you with technical know-how and finds tailor-made solutions for your product idea. Also ask for detailed information about specifications, safety data sheets or material samples.

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Since we all have to face the tense situation on the commodity market at the moment, we are pleased that we can offer you new solutions and a reliable product security to maintain your supply chain.

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