If they have a choice, patients often prefer the rapidly disintegrating tablets, the so-called ODT (orally disintegrating tablets). These solid preparations are produced by direct compression of the ingredients.

Due to their structure, they disintegrate rapidly in the mouth and do not have to be swallowed as a whole tablet. This makes the form of application ideal for children, elderly people and patients with difficulty swallowing.

But although these tablets should disintegrate quickly in the mouth, they must have a good hardness or strength for handling. After all, they should not break before they are taken. ODTs contain a large proportion of hydrophilic ingredients. As a result, they absorb moisture during storage and swell. The consequence: The tablets become softer, more porous and less stable.

Benefit from magnesium oxide as an ingredient in your formulations. Studies show that adding magnesium oxide can significantly improve the strength of the tablets. *Already by adding ≥ 4 % mass fraction magnesium oxide, the original hardness of the tablet is preserved during storage.

Another advantage: The increase in diameter and strength of the tablets due to the absorbed moisture during storage is significantly lower for MgO-containing tablets than for tablets without MgO.

Adding magnesium oxide prevents from a reduction in tablet hardness. At the same time, Magnesium oxide has no influence on the dissolving behavior or the release of the active ingredient. The handling is easy and patient-friendly and the effect of the preparation is perfectly retained.

MAGNESIA offers different qualities of magnesium oxide that perfectly fit for the use in orally disintegrating tablets. Please contact us.

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*Takatoshi Sakamoto, Shigeto Kachi, Shohei Nakamura, and Hiroshi Yuasa: Potential Use of Magnesium Oxide as an Excipient to Maintain the Hardness of Orally Disintegrating Tablets during Unpackaged Storage

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