„The market for calcium carbonate is currently tight. Due to the pandemic, there has been a significant shortage of the raw material on the market over the past two years. The shipping problem adds to the crisis. Formerly reliable supply chains have been disrupted. For producers looking for calcium carbonate for tablet production, either as an alternative or as a reliable second source of supply, we offer a wide range of calcium carbonates with a very high security of supply," says Thomas Raab, Sales Manager Pharma & Cosmetics at MAGNESIA GmbH.

In addition to various grades of calcium carbonate in powder form, MAGNESIA offers a wide range of granulated calcium carbonates for the pharmaceutical industry under the brand MagGran® and MagGran®plus. MagGran® products are compacted mineral salt agglomerates and are available either without additives (MagGran®) or enriched with binders (MagGran®plus) such as acacia, maize starch, maltodextrin or PVP. Optimum enrichment with only one additive or enrichment with a combination of different additives is possible.

Granulated calcium carbonates mean a lot of advantages for your manufacturing process. They enable optimum processing and best product quality. It goes without saying that the pharmaceutical raw materials comply with the strict requirements of the pharmacopoeias (EP, BP, USP, etc.). Whether as fillers, coating agents or colorants, calcium carbonates can be used directly as excipients for medicines. Some products have also been qualified for use as active ingredients in medicines.

Calcium carbonate in pharmaceutical applications:

  • Raw material without and with additives
    (acacia, maize starch, maltodextrin, PVP)
  • Complies with current pharmacopoeias
  • Use as excipient or active ingredient
  • Optimizes processing & product
  • Production of solid forms
  • Filler of high whiteness
  • Coating agent
  • free flowing raw material mixture
  • Volumizing
  • Higher tablet hardness
  • Time saving -> cost reduction

MAGNESIA‘s MagGran® and MagGran®plus:

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A number of other pharmaceutical calcium carbonates with and without additives are available. For more information on our quality policy, please visit our website.

With granulated calcium carbonate, you benefit not only from a high-purity pharmaceutical raw material as an active ingredient carrier. Additionally, one production step can be omitted as the product is already delivered in granulated form. This saves time and reduces costs.

Which grade is best suited for your application depends on the other components used in your formulation and the manufacturing process itself. We will gladly send you samples for trials and further information on the different grades. Please contact our Pharma-team. We will be happy to advise you.

We keep all qualities available for you at our warehouse in Lüneburg and can thus assure you of short-term delivery.

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Thomas Raab and the Pharma team supports you with technical know-how and finds tailor-made solutions for your product idea. Also ask for detailed information about specifications, safety data sheets or material samples.

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