Magnesium chloride is an all-rounder in the technical industry offering a wide range of application advantages. Magnesium chloride is used as a catalyst to accelerate production process or as a high-efficient binder to precipitate toxic by-products that may occur during production. The good binding properties of magnesium chloride are unique. The material is characterized by a high degree of solubility and can be used in synthetic as well as in aqueous systems.

We should talk about Magnesium chloride, if the following terms are of importance within your production process:

  • chemical intermediates
  • mineral catalysts
  • filtering processes
  • high solubility
  • fast response time
  • good absorption properties
  • high binding capacity

MAGNESIA offers a range of magnesium chlorides, which are ideally suited as additives for a large number of different applications due to their different hydrate forms, e.g. in polymer industry, building materials industry, textile and leather industry, in fertilizers and many more.

We highly recommend four qualities for use in technical applications, which we hold permanently in stock for you for ad hoc deliveries:


The properties of the raw materials, such as magnesium content and hydrate form, are perfectly adapted to the respective application purpose.

We will be pleased to assist you in choosing the optimal quality. Talk to us and let us explain the decisive advantages in a personal conversation with our TECHNICAL MAGNESIA team.

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