The requirements and regulations for the purification of industrial waste water and exhaust gases are high. Water and exhaust gases must be cleaned and treated before they can be discharged in an environmentally friendly manner.

MAGNESIA offers a wide range of magnesium oxides and magnesium hydroxides for industrial wastewater treatment. Pollutants and impurities must be removed and there are a number of procedures for this. Here, magnesium-based minerals play an important role. They can be added to remove harmful substances from the water for purification and, furthermore, to change parameters like dosage and pH-value. The substances that need to be removed combine with the flocculant magnesium oxide or magnesium hydroxide. These precipitation processes help to remove heavy metals and other harmful substances like fluorides, phosphates or ammonium in a targeted manner.

Our magnesium based and environmentally neutral core products are also efficient minerals for pH regulation in waste water.

Another area in which minerals are used is the purification of industrial exhaust gases. By blowing magnesium hydroxide into the chimney, harmful substances such as e.g. nitrogen oxides, sulphur and hydrogen chloride can be reliably precipitated.

If the following terms are important for your water and exhaust gas treatment, we should talk to each other:

  • pH-value adjustment
  • precipitation of heavy metals
  • binding of harmful substances

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MAGNESIA minerals are successfully used for the purification of exhaust gases and industrial waste water. Benefit from our expertise and the qualified raw materials we offer for this area of application.

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