After the pandemic-related break, Ceramitec finally opened its doors in June 2022. A successful trade fair that once again gave new impressions in terms of innovations and trends from the world of ceramics.

In precision ceramics, the trend towards 3D printing continues. It offers innovative shapes and possibilities without requiring special tools or machines for production. Even fine and filigree shapes can be realized with the help of 3D printing. This also allows a fast and economical production, even of small runs. Moreover, the products are characterized by high temperature resistance and, simultaneously, high hardness.

Besides innovations and trends, traditional technical ceramics, such as insulation of components and cables or metal processing with classical crucible, were also represented.

With respect to everyday life, ceramic coatings are found wherever good thermal conductivity is required.

All applications have one thing in common: they contain magnesium oxide or magnesium carbonate in their formulations, since they have decisive product-improving properties. This means, insulating properties, thermal conductivity, temperature resistance and product hardness can be optimized by using magnesium oxide. Furthermore, magnesium compounds help to be more resource-efficiently and energy-friendly in production process.

Advantages of magnesium oxides in ceramics:

  • Good electrical insulation properties
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • High temperature resistance
  • High hardness
  • Energy saving
  • Only low impurities in raw material

We carry a wide range of magnesium oxides and magnesium carbonates in our portfolio, specifically for use in the ceramics industry. Whether for the traditional ceramics industry, 3D printing or for frits in enamel production. We offer natural grades as well as synthetically derived raw materials. In a joint exchange, we support you to select suitable qualities according to your requirements in particle size, Mg content, purity and flow behaviour. Benefit from MAGNESIA raw materials in your components to achieve outstanding final products.


Magnesium carbonate, light, for production of frits

Magnesium oxide, synthetic

Magnesium oxide, caustic burnt (CCM)

Magnesium oxide, dead burnt (DBM)

Magnesium oxide electrical grade

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