The areas of application of magnesium hydroxide in technical industry are versatile. Magnesium hydroxide is an ingredient in mineral fertilizers in agriculture. Furthermore, it is used as additive in the production of building materials. It is an additive in refractory as well as in insulating building materials. In water treatment it serves as a flocculant. Thermoplastics and elastomers also benefit from its flame retardant properties. Magnesium hydroxide improves the durability and stability of abrasives. The applications are virtually endless. And that is precisely why magnesium hydroxide is in demand on the market in a wide variety of qualities.

The requirements for the product and its effect are individual and completely different depending on the industry. In general, all grades are magnesium hydroxide. But it's the little differences that matter, so that the raw material can be used successfully and efficiently. "We know the market and the most diverse requirements for magnesium hydroxide very well. Through close exchange with our business partners, we have been able to assemble a broad product portfolio that meets our customers' requirements one hundred percent," says Christian Block, Sales Director Technical Magnesia. "We offer the right quality for every application. We are happy to help our customers determine the optimal raw material for them through personal consultation and product sampling."

The MAGNESIA product portfolio comprises more than 25 natural or synthetic magnesium hydroxides of different quality. They are perfectly tailored to the respective area of application and help to give the final product the desired properties.

Fields of application of Magnesium hydroxide:

  • Fertilizers
  • Construction materials
  • Resins
  • Water treatment
  • Insulation
  • Adhesives
  • Grinding materials
  • Flame retardants
  • Rubber compounds
  • Stearate production
  • PVC stabilizers
  • Polymer compounds
  • Chemical reagent

Contact our Technical Magnesia Team. Together with you, we will determine the optimum quality for your needs. We adapt content, particle size, purity and flow behavior to your requirements. Benefit from our large portfolio for your formulations. We keep most of the above-mentioned qualities in stock at our warehouse in Lüneburg for a short-term delivery.

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Our Technical Magnesia team will support you with technical know-how and find tailor-made solutions for your products. Feel free to ask for detailed information regarding specificationssafety data sheets or samples.

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