Whether bouldering, climbing, weight training or gymnastics: the athlete needs a good grip. Therefore a key element of his equipment is the chalk. Users know that chalk must be low in dust and skin-friendly. Our qualities meet European food standards and are free of allergens and heavy metals. So the use in sports is absolutely unproblematic and the skin is not irritated.

Unlike most products available on the market, our grades are manufactured in France. In terms of climate protection, too, we want to keep transport routes short and therefore avoid imports from Asia.

Magnesia offers two different qualities of Chalk, that perfectly match to the intended use:

Both MAGNESIA chalks can be easily distributed on the skin, leaving only a thin layer of chalk. The hands are dry and nothing stands in the way of the climbing fun. The Magnesia Chalk products are ideal for all sports where good grip is required: bouldering, outdoor climbing, weight training, crossfit or gymnastics. High-quality Magnesium carbonate for use in boulder or chalk bag. The good quality and feel is confirmed by boulderers.

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