22nd April 2022 was Earth Day. The day that reminds us that we all have to engage to protect our earth. Time is short and we need to act now. All of us together, to save our planet.
At MAGNESIA, we take care of our environment. We try to use the available resources as consciously and carefully as possible. We have been using green energy for years. A steadily increasing number of our colleagues come to work by bike as part of the JobRad® campaign. We charge the company vehicles and the cars of employees or visitors with environmentally friendly green energy.

In this year‘s customer satisfaction survey, we created a special incentive for returning the questionnaire: Each answer was rewarded with one planted tree. Thanks to your support we are able to have 80 trees planted in Merseburg by the organisation I plant a tree®.

Thanks to your support, the organization I plant a tree® is reforesting in Merseburg. MAGNESIA supports the project with the donation of 80 trees.

This year, MAGNESIA is taking further steps to act even more sustainably and environmentally conscious. After two years of working remote, without business trips or trade fairs, we finally regain the opportunity to visit our customers and business partners again. We are happy, that we can advise you in person again and work out solutions for you on site.

GreenPerk Plakete

But these business trips should be as environmentally friendly as possible. We therefore book all business trips via the GreenPerk travel management platform. Greenperk guarantees that all travel is one hundred percent CO2 offset. The calculated offsetting payment goes into certified global projects such as reforestation of the rainforest, development of electricity through renewable energies and thereby reducing CO2 or methane release into atmosphere. A real benefit for climate and environmental protection. Thus, when visiting you next time, we concurrently support these important projects.

MAGNESIA employees and management want to take responsibility for our environment. With our internal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team, we will develop further concrete measures and incorporate them into our work in order to assume even more responsibility for a clean environment and sustainable use of resources. We will keep you informed!

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