MAGNESIA GmbH has been an international distributor of mineral raw materials since 1983. Since February 2022, the MAGNESIA platform elements+ has been online, bringing B2B customers together with contract manufacturers of nutritional supplements.

Lüneburg, 05th of April 2022 – "You have an idea. We have the product" is the motto of elements+. The newly founded business unit of MAGNESIA GmbH started operations at the beginning of February 2022. While MAGNESIA's core business lies in the international trade of mineral raw material compounds, from now on elements+ brings customers with a product idea together with contract manufacturers of food supplements. Elements+ takes over the complete project management and draws on its years of expertise in the market. In addition to pure brokerage and project management, the elements+ team also offers other services, such as the development of formulations, the qualification of raw materials, the marketability testing of end products or even label design or holistic marketing consulting for customers. A process for which customers often lack the resources and know-how.

The idea resulted from customer requests

The idea for elements+ emerged at the end of 2020. MAGNESIA had previously observed an in-crease in customer requests for ready-to-sell dietary supplements. In addition, there was a great need for related services, such as consulting on product formulations. MAGNESIA has always counted contract manufacturers of dietary supplements among its customers. Inquiries of this kind could therefore be passed on quickly and in a cooperative manner, while the advice on the raw materials to be used and the quantity ratios to be observed was provided by MAGNESIA. From the first successfully completed projects, the idea was ultimately derived to set up a separate platform for this type of inquiry. The aim was to provide customers with easy access to ready-to-sell end products and to reduce the time-consuming work involved in product management. At the same time, contract manufacturers should have easy access to new customers and capacity utilization of their production lines without having to invest in advertising measures themselves. In this constellation, MAGNESIA itself acts as consultant and project manager and can ensure that the end products meet the quality required by the customer.

Own brand identity for elements+

"Private label manufacturing and the distribution of raw materials differ significantly in the way they communicate. For this reason, we are giving this area its own brand identity," says Johann Studtmann, Managing Director of MAGNESIA, commenting on the decision not to run elements+ under the MAGNESIA corporate identity in terms of communication. "The first companies have already been won, and we are currently processing actual orders," explains Katrin Schultz, the Business Development Manager responsible for elements+. Together with her colleague Ole Friedrichsen, she is basically open to any kind of inquiries: "No matter whether small online retailers or large traditional companies – elements+ helps all B2B customers to realize their product ideas.

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MAGNESIA GmbH is an international distributor and supplier of magnesium, calcium and other mineral compounds. For more than 35 years, MAGNESIA has stood for high-quality raw materials, first-class individual consulting, seamless document management and high customer satisfaction. We supply our customers in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, industrial and construction sectors quickly, reliably and globally.

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