With the MAGNESIA Virtual Expo, MAGNESIA GmbH is organizing a free digital in-house exhibition for the second year in a row. The goal is to get in touch with new and existing customers more individually than is possible with the digital event series of conventional trade fair organizers.

Lüneburg, 11.05.2021. MAGNESIA GmbH is once again hosting its own digital trade show event, the MAGNESIA Virtual Expo. After the format was limited to the Nutritional & Health Supplements business unit of the Lüneburg-based distributor of mineral compounds last year, the digital event will be expanded to all five business units and extended from three to ten days this year due to the positive response. Between June 21st and July 1st, 2021, international customers and business partners are invited to meet virtually and free of charge with MAGNESIAs’ sales representatives from the Pharma & Cosmetics, Nutritional & Health Supplements, Food & International Business, Technical Magnesia, and Lightweight Fillers divisions.

Interested parties can register on the website https://magnesia.de/en/virtual-expo-2021.html for individual sessions with the sales reps of the respective business units. "We deliberately decided against a format in which keynotes are held in front of a large, virtually connected audience," explains Head of Marketing Sascha Elfers. In the individual appointments, the needs and challenges of the customers can be addressed much more specifically, which in turn is more in line with MAGNESIA's claim of personal consulting and service, he explains further. In the 45-minute individual sessions, participants can expect not only personal advice, but also current trends and developments in the respective industry, information about the market for mineral raw materials, and portfolio updates from MAGNESIA GmbH.

For MAGNESIA, however, it is also clear: as soon as physical trade shows are allowed again, they will participate in them again. "We have not cancelled any trade show on our part since the outbreak of the pandemic at the beginning of 2020, but are holding on to all bookings we have already made" says Elfers. "Of course, we are looking forward to having face-to-face meetings with our customers and business partners again as soon as possible."

TEASER VIDEO 1: https://youtu.be/JNyvNzrh00U , TEASER VIDEO 2: https://youtu.be/hNGX_7vd3po


MAGNESIA GmbH is an international distributor and supplier of magnesium, calcium and other mineral compounds. For already more than 30 years, MAGNESIA stands for high-quality raw materials, first-class individual consulting, seamless document management and high customer satisfaction. We supply our customers in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, industrial and construction sectors quickly, reliably and globally.

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