Product quality

Product safety has priority for Magnesia. Our raw materials meet all international requirements, including those of the European, British and American pharmacopoeias. They comply with the EU directives on food and also with the US Food Chemical Codex.

Expect top-quality products with perfect properties from us. Composition and purity grade are strictly tailored to your demands. We provide you with products custom-made for your production environment. With our shipment you will receive comprehensive documentation including a detailed list of product specifications.

Operating eco-friendly and resource-efficient already, we work on steady improvements. As a company, quality and a sustainable development are our goals.


Magnesia's ever-expanding range of products comprises raw materials and auxiliaries for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industry. We also provide mineral compounds for technical and chemical applications, such as the production of paints and dyes, glass, ceramics, leathers, plastics, rubber, adhesives, detergents and pulp.


Our pharmaceutical grade compounds meet the high standards of the current pharmacopoeias (e.g. EP, BP, USP) and comply with official regulations regarding the production and distribution of food products (E-numbers for approved additives, provisions of the FCC etc.). Pharmaceutical grade Magnesia products are suitable for the production of pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, food and cosmetics.


For industrial applications that require a high degree of purity we supply compounds with the highest grade available. Other product properties such as bulk density or activity are clearly specified.


In manufacturing, magnesium and calcium compounds are indispensable raw materials and auxiliaries. We supply the manufacturing industry with numerous technical-grade products.