We manage complex logistics for you

In an even globalized world, the complexity of markets is often not easy to manage. As an industrial manufacturing company, you should focus entirely on the production of your products. As a distribution company, our task is to manage the complexity for you and to supply you with mineral raw materials for your area of application at the right time in optimum quality.

Document management

Even after consultation with our sales team, we accompany your order closely and individually. Whether you need a long-term supplier's declaration, a certificate of origin, a health certificate or a documentary letter of credit in international trade for your delivery - our specialists in the Customer Service team will be happy to support you at any time.


Your benefit is, that we operate our own warehouse as well as an in-house QA department at our headquarters in Lüneburg . For you, we can quickly consign, inspect and prepare goods for onward shipment. The logistically ideal location just outside Hamburg helps to reliably deliver your products by road, rail, air or sea to all parts of the world.

Authorised Economic Operator

MAGNESIA has been an AEO since 2011 and is thus classified as a particularly reliable trading partner.

Known Consignor of the Federal Aviation Office

Since 2013, MAGNESIA has been a "Known Consignor" and does not have to have air cargo additionally inspected before loading.

Document management

Seamless document management has always been one of MAGNESIA's core competencies.

Qualification and Auditing

Ensuring the marketability

In food and drug traffic, it is essential to ensure the marketability of products. Through our incoming inspections, analyses and qualification measures, we ensure for you that the additives, auxiliary substances and active ingredients are of the quality you require, have not exceeded their expiration date and are suitable for risk-free consumption.