Breakthrough product applications with Lightweight fillers

Which capabilities would you like to transfer to your product? Do you envisage distinctive product properties, but the right ingredient or medium is missing? Then the MAGNESIA hollow microspheres might be the right solution for your field of application.

Under the tradename MagSpheres, MAGNESIA supplies lightweight fillers for use in medical research, aerospace, construction chemistry as well as for insulation materials, plastics and environment. Various types of hollow bodies are available in selected grain size ranges and can be used mineral- and polymer-bound.

Which product idea would you like to implement? With the micro hollow spheres MagSpheres from MAGNESIA you get much closer to your target.

Ceramic hollow microspheres: The innovation boost for your product developments

You can balance heat distribution in rooms or give anti-slip properties or 3D effects to your product, wherever these are advantageous. Another possibility is to use MagSpheres for thermal insulation and footfall sound insulation or reducing noise smog at work and private. Innovative application is also conceivable for wind power plants as well as in the off-shore area.

Benefit from innovative properties for your products with MagSpheres from MAGNESIA for

  • optical surface effects
  • fire protection applications
  • density and weight reduction
  • high temperature and refractory applications
  • thermal insulation and footfall sound insulation

Light years ahead of competition with quality and technical sophistication

Our team of experts has many years of market experience and supports you in optimizing your product developments. With the hollow microspheres from MAGNESIA your products will reach new spheres and make a name for themselves in the market. Based on your ideas and defined parameters, we will work together to find the ideal solution for your technical challenge.

With MagSpheres, your product portfolio makes a quantum leap into the future.

MagSpheres: Diverse areas of application for your product portfolio

With micro hollow spheres from MAGNESIA your products get special properties that make them unique and convince your customers with an extraordinary performance. We will be happy to send you detailed specifications, safety data sheets and product samples on request. The following examples may give you an idea of the application scope:



  • use of MagSpheres G- or C-series


  • coolants and abrasive particles adhere longer to surface
  • thus, higher effectiveness and faster results
  • coarser types are an advantage
  • respective hardness of used system must be observed

Acoustic isolation


  • use of MagSpheres P- or C-series


  • using lightweight components, the sound, but also the footfall sound in the room is massively reduced
  • promising application for automotive sector with option of a “Custom Made” type tailored to the needs of end user

Use in construction chemistry


  • use of MagSpheres P- or C-series
  • for everyday products - often made with ceramic balls, glass balls or mineral balls
  • Examples: tile adhesive, precast concrete parts, decorative elements, coatings that reduce electric smog


  • active embodiment in cementitious applications
  • application benefits from ball bearing effect
  • artificially generated radiation that is harmful to health (e.g. smartphone) is reduced

Supplier qualification as an integrated process

As part of the qualification process of our suppliers, we carry out appropriate audits and ensure that requirements are met. Even after successful qualification, compliance with legal requirements is regularly assessed. Our integrated process ensures that all changes at supplier facilities or to the product that could affect manufacturing or test parameters are checked and approved before implementation.

MAGNESIA makes the difference

MAGNESIA not only offers excellent additives, active ingredients and excipients, but also a comprehensive service that our long-term customers particularly appreciate. Quality management, document management and the necessary certifications and audits of suppliers and products are an integral part of our service. Furthermore

  • fixed contact persons make the cooperation a real partnership for both sides, which benefits from working hand in hand. In short: We think along with you, and the up-to-dateness of the documents required by quality management is proactively provided,
  • one of our success principles is called “transparency”. We are happy to comply with the request of our manufacturer partners to disclose the origin of substances and materials ordered,
  • seamless monitoring of the supply chain is guaranteed, in particular to meet our due diligence obligations as mineral trader and to make the procurement process and storage as transparent as possible.
  • short delivery times are a crucial factor for our customers. We, therefore, either use our own warehouse for stocking purposes or a suitably qualified and monitored external warehouse keeper,
  • MAGNESIA, as a reliable partner, safeguards the intellectual property rights of your products. We treat your trade secrets with absolute confidentiality and the protection of customer data is one of our values.

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Thomas Luckow and the Lightweight FIllers team supports you with technical know-how and finds tailor-made solutions for your product idea. Also ask for detailed information about specifications, safety data sheets or material samples.

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Trade compliance ensures quality of your products

As an expert in the procurement of additives, active ingredients and excipients, compliance with applicable laws for import and export as well as compliance with trade and customs laws is an important pillar of our specialization. We also work closely with our customers to determine the applicable export control restrictions. So there are no surprises to be expected with urgently needed raw material deliveries.

Awarded as certified partner

MAGNESIA undergoes regular audits and controls by supervisory authorities. As a distributor of active ingredients, our quality management system for trading in active ingredients for the manufacture of human pharmaceuticals is GDP-certified. In general, our quality management is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. In addition, our hygiene management complies with the food safety system standard based on HACCP.