We supply food manufacturers with mineral raw materials of the highest quality and purity possible. As our products are tailored to the special requirements of each customer, we can offer ideal solutions. They are developed in close consultation with clients and meticulously comply with allt he relevant industry and legal standards.

With our differentiated product portfolio we are enhancing the food production of our clients. Always striving for the highest quality and adhering to the strictest standards, such as those of the European Food Safety Authority and the US Food Chemicals Codex. We are suppliers for various nutrients and additives, for example release agents for bakery products, flow aids for food processing and minerals for baby food.

Our mineral raw materials offer superior bioavailability and they have proved themselves in the production of bottled water, chewing gum, yogurt, ice cream and wafers. Besides magnesium and calcium compounds we offer products based on potassium, sodium and zinc for these purposes.

Our comprehensive expertise in minerals enables us to meet customer specifications accurately and reliably. This includes kosher and halal products. We supply stabilizers and acid regulators according to our customers' needs. Working in close consultation we always aim for the highest quality and product purity.


Magnesium carbonate Magnesium oxide
Magnesium chloride Magnesium phosphate
Magnesium hydroxide Magnesium sulphate


Calcium ascorbate Calcium oxide
Calcium carbonate Calcium phosphate
Calcium chloride Calcium propionate
Calcium hydroxide Calcium sulphate


Magnesium ascorbate Magnesium malate
Magnesium aspartate Magnesium orotate
Magnesium citrate
(various hydrate forms)
Magnesium pidolate
Magnesium gluconate Magnesium stearate
Magnesium lactate Magnesium taurate


Calcium citrate Calcium orotate
Calcium gluconate D-Calcium pantothenate
Calcium lactate Calcium pidolate
Calcium malate Calcium stearate

Mineral Compounds

Copper citrate Potassium phosphate
Copper sulphate Potassium stearate
Ferric pyrophophate Sodium bicarbonate
Ferrous fumarate Sodium carbonate
Ferrous gluconate Sodium citrate
Ferrous lactate Sodium stearate
Kaolin Sodium sulphate
Manganese citrate Zinc citrate
Potassium bicarbonate Zinc gluconate
Potassium carbonate Zinc oxide
Potassium chloride Zinc stearate
Potassium citrate Zinc sulphate


Calcium bisglycinate Magnesium bisglycinate
Copper bisglycinate Manganese bisglycinate
Ferrous bisglycinate Zinc bisglycinate

DC Grades

Calcium carbonate, DC
(with or without binder)
Magnesium citrate, DC
Calcium citrate, DC Magnesium hydroxide, DC
Calcium phosphate, DC Magnesium lactate, DC
Magnesium carbonate, DC Magnesium oxide, DC

ISO 9001

Magnesia's quality management has been certified under ISO 9001.

ISO certificate


Our hygiene management is guided by the HACCP principles.

HACCP certificate