From Lüneburg's medieval tradition to an innovative distribution company on the world market

Today's company profile

MAGNESIA GmbH is an international distributor and supplier of magnesium, calcium and other mineral compounds. For already more than 40 years, we are known for high-quality raw materials, first-class individual product consultation, seamless document management and high customer satisfaction. We supply our customers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and dietary supplement industries as well as general technical applications quickly, reliably, globally and with all necessary quality and import documents.

Product portfolio

Minerals – that is our strength! The main raw materials in our product portfolio include magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, iron as well as zinc and their various chemical compounds. In addition to these raw materials, we offer you a comprehensive service ranging from individual product consultation, the sampling of mineral compounds for your product development process, the procurement of raw materials with special properties to on-time delivery. This technical and logistical know-how is MAGNESIA's trademark and in demand worldwide.

Company chronicles

MAGNESIA is headquartered in Lüneburg in northern Germany and can look back on a long tradition. During the Middle Ages, the Lüneburg salt works, first mentioned in a document in 956, brought the city's natural salt deposits to light. Since salt was then used to preserve food through the process of pickling, Lüneburg became an important stop for merchants on their routes.

Since then, the Lüneburg saltworks have permanently produced brine under various ownerships. Most recently, the "Saline Lüneburg und Chemische Fabrik GmbH" produced and sold salt as well as other magnesium and calcium compounds. In 1980, the approximately 1,000-year-old tradition of salt mining in Lüneburg came to an end. Today, the German Salt Museum in Lüneburg preserves the history of the old saltworks and makes it accessible to visitors.

With the knowledge that has developed over the centuries about minerals in Lüneburg, MAGNESIA GmbH was founded in 1983 as the successor to Saline Lüneburg und Chemische Fabrik GmbH by its former employees. The aim was and is to trade magnesium, calcium and other mineral compounds in high quality and with the focus on our customers. The latter is the reason why we have continuously expanded our product portfolio for our international customers and partners over the past decades.

Today, we are a globally-active and innovative distribution company, which handles 15,000 metric tons of mineral compounds annually on site at the Lüneburg location and delivers them to all parts of the world with around 60 employees.