For more than two years, MAGNESIA GmbH has been offering its employees the opportunity to take part in the JobRad® campaign. At favourable conditions, our employees can customize their individual bike. Whether they prefer city or touring bike, mountain bike, road bike or pedelec: Anything is possible.

Why we chose a bike leasing model?

Cycling is not only fun and keeps you fit. Instead, you can quickly get your head free on your bike, avoid the traffic jams in the city centre or use the bike for excursions with family and friends on weekends. In addition, the users of our JobRad® campaign are of course also at the forefront of environmental awareness.

Cycling offers a lot of advantages:

  • The brain is supplied with more oxygen
  • The stress falls off and the head is released again
  • As by the way, cyclists burn calories and build muscle
  • Road traffic is relieved and CO2 emissions are reduced

It is a good feeling to combine sports and the way to work, our employees say. Often you arrive even faster with the bike than you do by car. You can also relieve stress on the way back home and arrive more relaxed. Colleagues who also come to work by bike in winter - and there are quite few of them - report that they are much less cold than they used to be when using their cars.

Our conclusion about JobRad®

A really good thing, the JobRad®.  And we are pleased about the good acceptance among our employees. Our goal: to convince half the employees to switch from cars to bikes. For the sake of the environment and health.

We are working on it!

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