Another milestone has been reached! MAGNESIA is now IFS Broker & IFS Logistics certified. For you, this means high level of food safety and quality, as well as a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized certification.  Here is a brief overview of our certifications and what they mean in practice:

IFS Broker

Intermediaries like brokers and importers play an increasingly important role within the global supply chain. They are the link between manufacturers and processors. It is important that intermediaries and importers communicate their customers' product requirements to manufacturers and that they are implemented correctly then. This is the only way to meet the safety and quality requirements of the food industry in particular. In order to be able to guarantee and review these processes, the IFS Broker standard was developed. The IFS Broker verifies whether a broker/importer has implemented measures in its processes that ensure that the products supplied comply with both, the legal requirements and the contract specifications.

IFS Logistic

The IFS Logistics standard is used to audit logistics activities relating to food and non-food products. This includes loading and unloading, storage and distribution. The IFS Logistics certification closes the gap between production and trade, which means that the entire supply chain is now transparently documented. During the certification audits at our Lüneburg site at the end of 2022, an audit of all our company’s areas took place.

Since the beginning of 2023, MAGNESIA is now officially IFS-Broker and IFS-Logistics certified. A big “Thank You” goes out to our teams from across the company for achieving this major milestone for MAGNESIA.


According to Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004, it is mandatory for all food manufacturing and processing companies to implement a HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). The HACCP concept helps to identify potential hazards within the workflow and to avoid them right from the beginning by implementing structured control points. MAGNESIA’s hygiene management complies with the principles of the HACCP system and is regularly audited to ensure product quality for the materials we supply for the production of food products. 


We are GDP certified (GDP = Good Distribution Practice) for the trade in active ingredients for the manufacture of medicines for human use. This internationally recognized certificate identifies us as a reliable partner for medical raw materials for human use. It ensures transparency and complete traceability throughout the entire supply chain. In this way, it primarily ensures the quality of pharmaceutical products for human medicine, but also offers a lot of facilitations for the pharmaceutical industry regarding audits and approval procedures. MAGNESIA itself is regularly audited by a responsible German monitoring authority.


Already since 1995, our ISO 9001-based quality management system has ensured the quality of all processes at MAGNESIA. The standard defines the minimum requirements for a quality management system and thus helps to optimize processes. As a continuously evolving system, ISO 9001 helps to improve processes within a company and to use resources optimally, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

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For any questions concerning product quality and all processes, as well as documentation or certification of both, suppliers or MAGNESIA itself, our quality management-team will be pleased to assist you. Just get in contact with us.

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