Spring is finally back - that's what most of us think when the first early bloomers look carefully out of the ground and the first green shows on trees and bushes.

MAGNESIA is also taking further steps to become even greener this year. In the past we have already switched to green energy and motivated our colleagues to come to work by bike as part of the JobRad® campaign. With the turn of the year we have acquired and installed four charging stations for electric cars. MAGNESIA company vehicles, employees’ cars or visitors’ e-cars are now charged with environmentally friendly green electricity. A further expansion of the charging capacities is already planned.

Since the end of 2020 our company vehicles are charged with green electricity. We have installed 4 charging stations. More stations will follow.

In Hohenaspe (Schleswig-Holstein) the organization PLANT-MY-TREE® is reforesting as part of a climate protection project. MAGNESIA supports with a tree sponsorship.

The feedback from our customers is always very important to us. In addition to regular feedback that we get from customer meetings, we also check customer satisfaction in a structured manner once a year by using a customer survey. As part of this year's customer satisfaction study, we created a special incentive for returning the questionnaires: For every 10 returned questionnaires, we would have the organization PLANT-MY-TREE® plant a tree.

We are pleased about the great response we got from our business partners. Thanks to their support, we were able to sponsor 22 trees in Northern Germany. The trees will be planted in Hohenaspe in Schleswig-Holstein these days. The area is not open to the public during reforestation. As soon as this phase is completed, however, the resulting forest can be entered. We were awarded a tree certificate by PLANT-MY-TREE® for the joint commitment between MAGNESIA and our customers.

As a company, we are aware that we have to assume responsibility for our environment. That is why we at MAGNESIA are focusing even more on environmental friendliness and sustainability in order to significantly reduce our CO2 footprint within the next three years.

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