The MAGNESIA lightweight fillers MagSpheres® are based on natural raw materials such as recycled glass, upcycled material from energy production or even vulcanic glasses and are thus particularly sustainable. MagSpheres® has recently been registered as an international trademark.

Lüneburg, 25th of January 2022 – Lightweight fillers are used, among other things, in plastics technology, the automotive sector, construction chemicals, and the paint and coatings sector. They are used for acoustic or thermal insulation, provide products with slip- or fire-resistant properties, or contribute to weight reduction. MagSpheres® from MAGNESIA are of mineral origin. They are not produced synthetically by means of chemical processes, but are obtained solely by material conversion. With MagSpheres®, MAGNESIA meets the demands of the industry to offer sustainable raw materials with a CO2 balance that is as balanced as possible.

Environmentally friendly and cost-efficient

MagSpheres® are microscopically small spheres. They are almost circular, filled with air and therefore robust and heat-resistant. Although they can impart new properties to a product (see above), they do not necessarily influence existing product properties when used in the appropriate dosage. Through their function as fillers, they can help to save raw materials or binders that are harmful to the environment. Example: In a direct comparison, the price per cubic centimeter of MagSpheres® G series is 23% and 38% lower, respectively, than for epoxy or acrylic resin (see graph). Every cubic centimeter of binder replaced by the use of MagSpheres® can save costs and contribute to a more sustainable use of raw materials.

International trademark rights and sample case with interactive workshop

MAGNESIA GmbH has already been marketing these innovative fillers since mid-2020. Since September 2021, MAGNESIA has held the international trademark rights to the name MagSpheres®. Thomas Luckow, Sales Director Lightweight Fillers at MAGNESIA, describes the focus of his division as follows: "From the very beginning, our claim was to offer extremely good advice on lightweight fillers and, at the same time, the most innovative as well as sustainable products in this segment." Since then, he and his team currently have six different product series in their range. These can now be marketed internationally in a distinctive way under the brand name MagSpheres®. "With the naming rights granted, we are laying the foundation for targeted product marketing. Customers should immediately associate us and the quality of our advice and the product itself with the MagSpheres® brand. In this way, we will quickly become recognizable in the market," says Thomas Luckow, explaining the step of registering the naming rights.

In order to provide customers with the best possible advice during this time, MAGNESIA is sending out sample cases containing a cross-section of the MagSpheres® range. In an accompanying, individual workshop, Thomas Luckow and his team explain to customers the properties of the various product series and advise on their area of application. The sample case can be ordered here.


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