Our products

With our differentiated product portfolio we are enhancing the food production of our clients. Always striving for the highest quality and adhering to the strictest standards, such as those of the European Food Safety Authority and the US Food Chemicals Codex. We are suppliers for various nutrients and additives, for example release agents for bakery products, flow aids for food processing and minerals for baby food. Our mineral raw materials offer superior bio-availability and they have proved themselves in the production of bottled water, chewing gum, yogurt, ice cream and wafers. Besides magnesium and calcium compounds we offer products based on potassium, sodium and zinc for these purposes.

Our comprehensive expertise in minerals enables us to meet customer specifications accurately and reliably. This includes kosher and halal products. We supply stabilizers and acid regulators according to our customers' needs. Working in close consultation we always aim for the highest quality and product purity. Mineral raw materials in feed-grade quality round off our product range. We provide animal food manufacturers with tailor-made nutrients and additives that are perfectly adapted to the purpose. Thanks to our close client contact we can respond quickly to customer needs and suggestions.

Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical companies can rely on the superior quality of our products. They stand out for their purity and are deployed as active ingredients, excipients and auxiliaries in numerous pharmaceuticals. Learn more about our products for the pharmaceutical industry here.


MAGNESIA supplies a wide range of raw materials for the manufacture of cosmetics and personal care production, such a decorative cosmetics, creams, scrubs, hair care and SPA products. Here you can find our products for the cosmetic industry in a comprehensive overview.

Food Additives

All our designated food additives are suitable for the use in food manufacturing. They all conform to the requirements of the European Food Safety Authority. Find out more about our complete range of products for the food industry here.

Nutritional & Health Supplements

Manufacturers of nutritional and health supplements can order all the binding agents and excipients used in their lines of production from Magnesia. Further details on these products you can find here.

Technical Magnesia

Magnesia supplies various compounds, fillers and binders that are regularly used in the production of plastic, rubber, glass, building materials and related goods. Learn more about our product range for technical and chemical applications here.

Lightweight Fillers

In order to meet the growing demands for environmentally friendly energy efficiency and comply with the constantly changing legal requirements, here at MAGNESIA we have a continuously growing selection of functional lightweight fillers, available to customers in the form of a product line known as MagSpheres. Learn more about our product range here.

ISO 9001

Magnesia's quality management has been certified under ISO 9001.

ISO certificate


Our hygiene management is guided by the HACCP principles.

HACCP certificate


As a distributor of active ingredients used in medicinal products for human consumption we follow GDP guidelines.

GDP certificate