Already at the age of 30, bone density begins to decrease. At the same time, the risk of fractures increases. Osteoporosis is an age-related disease and is widespread in our society. Women after menopause are particularly affected. With the right choice of mineral salts and micronutrients, the body can be actively supported, and you can contribute to keeping the skeleton healthy - also in old age.


Calcium is important for maintaining normal bones. But the supply of calcium alone cannot improve bone density. On the other hand, too much calcium causes bones as well as arteries to calcify. Other micronutrients, such as vitamin K2, are needed for optimal effectiveness.

Furthermore, it depends on the type of calcium compound. There are differences in the bioavailability of the individual compounds. In addition, the suitability of the calcium salt must fit for the intended use of the dietary supplement. The products must therefore be the perfect match of physiological and technological suitability.

MAGNESIA offers an exciting portfolio of different organic or inorganic calcium compounds. The range includes soluble and insoluble salts as well as various granules.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 promotes the absorption of calcium into the bones by activating certain proteins of bone metabolism. In addition, it promotes collagen production and thus makes the bone substance more flexible and elastic.

Vitamin K2 also has a positive effect on vascular health, especially on the cardiovascular system. Vitamin K2 prevents from an undesired deposition of calcium in the vessels, that is offered by dietary supplements. The vessels remain elastic, and bones are strengthened. To ensure that vitamin K2 is well incorporated into the final application, MAGNESIA offers this product as powder and oil in two different dosages of 2,000 ppm and 10,000 ppm.

Let's talk about bone health through perfectly optimized supplements. We will be happy to advise you on the choice of the right calcium compounds and present the important differences of vitamin K2 types in more detail.

Please remember: Optimal supply of the human body with highly bioavailable calcium and vitamin K2 can have a positive effect on bone growth. And healthy bones mean more joy of activity and thus a high quality of life in old age.

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