Are you looking for high active Magnesium oxide?

Did you know that our range of high purity Magnesium oxides with high reactive characteristics are well appreciated in various polymer and rubber compounds?

Magnesium oxides with high specific surface area are specifically designed and manufactured for use in polymer & rubber industry. Magnesium oxides have unique neutral and binding characteristics which benefits introducing them in such compounding environments. Their very fine particle size, crystal structure and porosity make them ideal additives.

The advantages of highly active Magnesium oxides are obvious: Increasing efficiency by process optimization means more output.

Magnesium oxides act as:

  • acid scavenger
  • moisture absorber
  • viscosity modifier
  • catalyst
  • pH-value regulator

Identifying and choosing the right Magnesium oxide (MgO) is key to secure production process and improve the final product. For use in chloroprene compounds high active MgO improves processibility, curing rate, and vulcanization performance.

Magnesium oxides suitable for these applications must have a very high activity.

This activity regarding specific surface area is measured and specified for MgO (among others) with the BET method (m²/g). Our high active Magnesium oxides have a specific surface area range between 70-200 m²/g.

We offer eight different grades for use in polymer and rubber compounds.


Feel free to contact us to jointly identify the most adequate Magnesium oxide for your application. Magnesia product samples for first lab tests are free of charge.

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