Flame retardant is an important aspect in industry and also in private households. The aim must be to make products fire- and heat-resistant in order to reduce the risk and spread of fire and thus to protect people and the environment. Components must meet the high safety requirements and comply with the different DIN standards for flame retardants.

As an efficient alternative to aluminium trihydrate, so-called ATH, we offer a wide range of natural and synthetic magnesium hydroxides. These halogen-free raw materials are most suitable for a wide range of applications, e.g. in the cable, rubber and plastics industries, but also in construction insulation, roofing membranes or fire protection elements and many more. The properties of the raw materials, such as surface area (BET), particle size and low content of iron or aluminium are optimally adapted to the respective application purpose.

Due to the higher decomposition temperature compared to ATH of 330 °C, magnesium hydroxide meets the legal requirements and DIN standards more easily and even more safe. They also enable higher processing temperatures during compounding and extrusion. Compared to ATH, Magnesium hydroxide has better neutralization capabilities: acidic gases such as SO2, NOX, CO2 are neutralized much faster. Magnesium hydroxide can also score with its capapilities as smoke suppressor.

Do you want your products to provide optimal protection for your customers and their finished products? Then take advantage of the variety of magnesium hydroxides that we offer especially for your application.

Our portfolio covers eight different qualitites suitable for use in flame retardants:

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