MAGNESIA offers three different grades of Magnesium malate for use in nutritional supplements. With Magnesia 421120 we enlarged our portfolio by a magnesium malate, that perfectly meets the requirements for use in dietary supplements. It will replace the grade 421101 in short term. If you need more information about this new quality, and how it can positively effect your formulations, please contact us. Our experts from the Nutritional & Health Supplements Division will be pleased to inform you more detailed about the characteristics and fields of application.

A deficiency of the essential mineral magnesium has a considerable impact on our health. Magnesium is involved in many important processes in the human organism. Support the body by additional supply of magnesium through dietary supplements, so that you stay fit and vital thoughout the year and especially in the cold season.

Do you know how many processes magnesium is involved in?

It contributes*:

  • to reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • to electrolyte balance
  • to normal energy-yielding metabolism
  • to normal functioning of the nervous system
  • to normal muscle function
  • to normal protein synthesis
  •  to normal psychological function
  • to the maintenance of normal bones
  • to the maintenance of normal teeth
  • and has a role in the process of cell division

But not all Magnesium is the same. Decisive factors for use in nutritional supplements are magnesium content, bioavailability and tolerability. With magnesium malate, MAGNESIA offers the optimal product for use in dietary supplements. Magnesium malate is the magnesium salt of malic acid. Magnesium malate is a stable and completely reacted chelate. It only contains pure magnesium and malic acid and no other ingredients, colorants or preservatives. Due to its good tolerability and high bioavailability, it is perfectly suited for use as a source of magnesium in your formulations. And, of course, it can also be used as an upgrade in combination preparations with other important building blocks such as vitamins and zinc.

Advantages of magnesium malate:

  • high bioavailability
  • good tolerability in stomach
  • Magnesium content ~ 11 % and 15 % Mg
  • preservative-free
  • perfect use in combination preparations
  • application in different dosage forms

Remember: An optimal supply of highly bioavailable magnesium has positive effects on the metabolic functions of the human body and contributes to a high quality of life - regardless of age. With magnesium malate, you can get healthy and fit through everyday life. Fill the reserves now for a healthy start into the coming spring.

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